Capital Design & Takeoffs

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Below are the following services that we offer with full accuracy to our clients.

Cost Estimation

We will provide you with separate labor and material prices in our estimate according to zip code and location of the project.

Quantities Takeoffs

We use plan swift for quantities. Our quantities will be 100 percent accurate and in case of error you will reserve the right to claim refund.

Material Takeoffs

We will provide you with accurate materials list so you can buy material from your supplier. 

Why Choose Us

We Deal in all type of construction estimating services.
Residential, Commercial,Civil and Industrial.


Competituve, Accurate & Refund Policy

We offer our services with full accuracy. Our rates are very competitive and incase of errors we refund our client's money. that's the reason, almost 70 percent of our revenues come from repeat business.


Privacy Policy

We dont share our clients details and belongings with others. so your info and project related documents are safe with us. We dont even give one estimate to two clients.


Bid and Win More Projects

We can be your helping hand, you can bid on more projects with our assistance.

How Do we get started?

You just need yo send us your project details like plans in PDF or CAD files so we can review and give you a quote for your approval. Once you approve, we charge 50 percent payment before scheduling the work. 

What is turnaround time?

Turnaround time for design services depend on type of service and scope of work. For estimating and scheduling services our normal turnaround time is 2 to 4 days.

What are your rates?

Our charges are competitive as compared to the market. Our rate is $20/Hour.

What Payment methods do you have?

We collect payments through online invoicing, Echeck, and bank transfers.

Quantities Takeoff Sample

Please click here to see the sample of our quanitities takeoff. Our pricing for labor and material will differ from sample. it will be according to city and state of the project.

Material Takeoff Sample

Please click here for material takeoff sample.

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